welcome to the world as seen through my eyes


In my own words .....

I was born in Havana, Cuba to Spaniard and French parents.  At sixteen I was

already a Television singing star on Havana’s Hit Parade.  A few years later I

moved to Miami, where my dream of becoming a painter, [Picasso, Modigliani,

Dali, Miro, Goya, Cezanne], was put on hold, because food had to be put on

the table.  As a Cuban immigrant, I had an inherent work ethic that had me

working as many jobs as possible, but still finding time for sketching and

sculpting lessons in Coconut Grove, along with classes in hairstyling [Gordon’s

Beauty School], where my sculpting talents found yet further expression.

I had a keen artistic eye and a natural talent with my hands, which brought me

instant success; and, as is my style, I gave myself a specific time limit to exhaust

the Miami Beach clientele and eventually made the move to New York City, where

I quickly set up shop in the West Village.  The shop was a quick success and

before I knew it, I moved into Television Commercials, Daytime TV, Opera, and

Theatre, becoming ‘first call’ - personally - to such luminaries as Julie Christie,

Joan Sutherland, Trish Van Der Vere, George C. Scott, Rex Harrison and many

others.  I often flashback to somewhere between the ages nine and eleven, when

I was sent to New York City to learn spoken English, realizing it was there I first

discovered my gift for painting.  I was compelled to paint the multi-colored

images hanging on the clotheslines of Baruch Place, on Manhattan’s Lower East

Side, with the Brooklyn Bridge serving as a dramatic backdrop.  My art

teacher’s response was so strong that the painting was published in the school

paper.  I was very proud.

Even though I went on to enjoy success in every field of endeavor, as Lyricist and

Book Writer for the Musical Theatre Works Production of the Musical, SUGAR

HILL, [with Theatre Composer, Louis St.Louis], garnering a rave review in The

New York Times;  and an EMMY Nomination for my work in Daytime TV

[under the name Roberto Donzi]. I still felt I had not completely fulfilled my true

artistic destiny -my Cuban-American dream.  And so, in my usual manner, I

gave up everything and moved to Denver, Colorado, where I began my new life,

solely as an artist.

Thank you for taking time to learn about me, and I hope you enjoy your

tour through my gallery.